Where Are Vibe Kayaks Made?

Kayaking is a great activity for those who love being outdoors and appreciating nature. The solace and mindfulness that comes from kayaking either on your own or with friends, is very rewarding.

You can paddle at your own pace and absorb the atmosphere around you. This is why it’s one of the most popular watersports around today.

Not only is kayaking good for you, but it’s heaps of fun, too! Providing that you have a high-quality kayak, of course. With so many different kayak manufacturers out there each with a huge range of kayak types available, it can be tricky to figure out which one is best for you.

One of the most popular kayak brands on the market right now is Vibe Kayaks. Their store has everything you need, for novices and maestros alike. In this article, we’ll take a look at Vibe Kayaks and how they operate, as well as delving into the details of how and where they are made. 

Where are Vibe Kayaks Made?

Here’s what we found on the Vibe website:

“Our premium kayaks are designed and engineered in Kennesaw, GA and manufactured in China.”

While Vibe has technically answered the question, it’s a pretty vague response. They provide no information about the specific locations of their factories in China.

It can be assumed that despite being ‘engineered’ in the United States, Vibe kayaks are made in a factory in China, and on a large scale too. This isn’t uncommon, though.

Many American companies will opt to manufacture their products overseas in countries such as China because of the abundance of lower-wage workers available there. 

As well as providing cheap labor, China has become known as “the world’s factory” because of its strong business ecosystem, poor regulatory compliance, cheap taxes, and competitive currency practices. These are the key reasons why American companies will mass produce their products in China. 

While some people often argue that products manufactured in China must be of low quality, it’s important to consider the fact that some of the West’s most beloved brands produce their products there. Nike, Starbucks, and even Boeing all mass-produce products in China, yet we love them for their quality.

Was the company founded in China?

No, Vibe Kayaks was born in the United States, more specifically Kennesaw, Georgia. Vibe founder Josh Thomas states that they chose this location because he liked that it has its own style and flavor.

Currently, Vive Kayaks operates a 30,000 square-foot warehouse in Kennesaw. They import 250 containers per year and have 50 dealers across the country. They are looking to add another 30 dealers this year. And if you happen to be local, they operate a retail space in Kennesaw.

Does Vibe oversee the manufacturing process in China?

According to one of Vibe’s co-owners, they visit the factory out in China several times a year to make improvements and to make sure quality measures are being met. 

What sets Vibe apart from other China-manufactured kayaks?

  1. Material - All Vibe Kayaks are constructed from high-density polyethylene. This is more effective than the alternative, linear low-density polyethylene, which scuffs more easily and wears out much quicker. While LLDPE is probably adequate for beginners, it can lead to problems if you paddle near oysters or rocks. To remedy this, Vibe sends high-quality density raw material to their factory in China instead of sourcing standard LLDPE material.
  2. Rudder System - Some of Vibe’s most popular kayaks, such as The Sea Ghost 130, feature footpegs that are clipped to nylon rails that slide freely inside aluminum tracks. The footpegs can be easily adjusted while out and about and the aluminum tracks make the rudder controls easy to operate. Vibe had these custom-made, as they claim they don’t like plastic-on-plastic rudder controls. When comparing similar models, you’ll want to make sure the rudder cables aren’t just tied to the footpegs. The problem with this is that you won’t be able to easily adjust the footpegs for different leg lengths and heights. Additionally, the plastic footpegs can bind in the plastic rails after just a few uses.
  3. Warranty - The creators at Vibe say that they believe in their improvements and quality control measures, so they offer limited lifetime warranties on all of their kayaks. 
  4. HIN - All Vibe kayaks have a full HIN (hull identification number) and MSO (manufacturer statement of origin) which will enable you to register your boat. It also allows you to put a motor on it (if your state requires registration for this) and you to own it legally. Some states will require you to obtain a HIN for any water vessel.

How can I find out more about where Vibe Kayaks are made?

If you have any unanswered questions or simply want some more information or clarity about where Vibe Kayaks are made, we recommend contacting their customer service team.

(They state on their website that e-mails are usually answered within 1-2 working days). 

How long does it take for Vibe Kayaks to ship their products?

According to the Vibe website, kayaks currently take approximately 5 - 7 days to get moved to a shipping location. Then, it’ll typically take another 2 - 3 business days to get to your door.

However, this amount of time will vary from customer to customer and will depend on where in the country the kayak is being shipped. 

Where is the Vibe Shop store located?

The Vibe Shop is located at 50 Ernest W Barrett Pkwy NW Suite 1045, Marietta, GA 30066

Do Vibe Kayaks ship internationally?

At this moment in time, Vibe Kayaks do not ship their products internationally. However, they do have dealer locations in Mexico and Puerto Rico. 

Are there any Vibe Kayak dealers in my area?

Vibe has an extensive list of dealers all across the country. Use their handy locator tool to find out more information.

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