What to Wear Kayaking

The clothes that you choose to wear when you go kayaking will affect your experience if you do not choose wisely. The last thing that you want is to end up out kayaking and be extremely uncomfortable or miserable the entire time due to poor clothing choices.

If you want to keep the experience enjoyable, then you should really think about the clothes that you are going to wear. The right clothing can make the difference between the best possible experience and a wasted trip. This is why it is so important to choose carefully.

To help you to make the decision when it comes to deciding what to wear kayaking, we are going to share with you everything that you might need to know about how to dress for the occasion. We will also include some extra information about how to best prepare your outfit choices for different weather and conditions.

Things to Consider When Choosing What to Wear Kayaking

When it comes to deciding what you are going to wear kayaking, there are some general rules to follow, which we will leave below.

  1. You should always wear a personal flotation device when you go kayaking and make sure that you keep it on at all times when you are on the water. If you need to adjust your top layer, you should make sure that it is safe to do so first.

  2. Always dress for the temperature of the water, rather than the temperature of the air, as this will allow you to be better prepared.

  3. Make sure that you dress in layers, especially on your top half.

  4. Make sure that you are protected against the sun by your clothing, even if there is cloud cover. When you are out on the water, you will be exposed to the sun, and UPF-rated fabrics are some of the best to use in these conditions. As well as this, don’t forget your sunscreen.

  5. Avoid the use of cotton in all of your clothing layers as it will absorb water and stay wet for a long time. You should try to find quick-drying clothing, as this will aid you if you fall in the water.

  6. For clothing that is directly touching your skin, try to choose something with wicking properties as this will be more comfortable and practical.

  7. The best clothing that you can wear kayaking will be both comfortable and allow you to move freely when you are wearing them. 

  8. Abrasion-resistant fabrics will be your best friend as they are more durable and are able to last longer in terms of general wear and tear due to rough materials.

  9. Make sure that any zippers on your clothing are rust-proof, as water will be able to corrode any metal materials, making them unusable over time.

What to Wear Kayaking

The clothing that you wear when you go kayaking will need to be suitable for the weather conditions that you will be out in.

The clothes that you wear in the summer may differ from those that you should wear in the winter. We will give you some information about the clothing that you can wear kayaking below.

Should I Wear a Wetsuit Kayaking?

You can definitely wear a wetsuit kayaking if you choose to, and they are often best suited to warmer weather. Wetsuits are great for using when kayaking as they are very practical.

You might find that you end up in the water when you are out on your trip, especially if you are a beginner, so a wetsuit will come in really handy. The best wetsuits are those that are made from insulating neoprene rubber.

Do I Need to Layer a Wetsuit?

You might not need to wear a base layer under your wetsuit, but it can be helpful to wear a swimsuit underneath it for convenience. This way, you won’t have to look for a changing room to get changed in.

If it is quite cold outside, you can get your hands on a thicker wetsuit that is designed to keep you even warmer than a regular one.

You won’t need to wear an outer layer as a wetsuit is specifically designed to be both watertight and windproof. It is best to wear one with long sleeves in colder weather.

Layering Clothing

If you are going out kayaking, but the weather is quite warm, then you might only need to wear a simple swimsuit as your first layer. Make sure that the under layer that you choose is going to keep you comfortable for the duration of your trip, and you are good to go. If you are going to wear underwear then it is best to avoid cotton materials.

For the top layer, rash guards that are made from either polyester or nylon are really well-suited for kayaking and other water sports. This is due to the fact that they are able to dry quickly, and they have a good amount of stretch to allow you to move around more freely. 

When it comes to the bottoms that you want to wear, you can pretty much wear anything that is going to be comfortable. Another important feature to consider is quick-drying abilities, as these types of bottoms will aid you well when kayaking. You should try to avoid clothing that binds or chafes.

If the conditions that you are kayaking in don’t require a wetsuit or a dry suit, then you might want to think about bringing a warm jacket with you just in case. This is really important if it gets windy or rainy, where a waterproof jacket may be preferred.

Thermal Clothing

Thermal clothing is great for helping to keep you warm if you are going kayaking in colder weather. They make the perfect base layer that will work to keep your body heat in and even take moisture away from your skin through its material.

You can then choose to wear additional layers on top of your thermals, so you can stay warm, even when it is really cold outside.

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