A wise man once said, “there’s nothing in life that can’t be fixed by a paddle and a kayak”. Spoiler alert! That man was me. Hi, I’m Austin and I have been kayaking since I was 12 years old. I come from a family of outdoor enthusiasts, and fishing, kayaking, camping, and all of that fun stuff was a way of life for me from a young age.

As I got older, my Pa and I would head out on our kayaks to fish, thus instilling a love of kayak fishing in me forever. My father is no longer with us, but my love for kayak fishing remains as strong as ever, and I spend my weekends out on the water with my own son.

Kayak Fishing Blog was born out of my total love of kayak fishing, and my desire to share my tips and tricks that I’ve learned over the years with everyone else. From equipment reviews to articles that answer all those niggling questions you may have, I want Kayak Fishing Blog to be your very own kayak fishing bible!

So, whether you want to find the best two-person fishing kayak so you can begin your kayak fishing adventure with your kid, or you have a query about kayaking with your dog, this site has it all! 

AUSTIN  //  Owner and Kayak Lover!