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VIDEO: What Knot to Use and How to Tie
knot tying video

  Arbor  I use this knot to connect backing to my fly reels and mono, fluoro and braid to the…

VIDEO: Big Bass and Big Lessons in River Safety
big-lessons- river-safety

Fall in northeast is my favorite time to kayak fish.  My top 5 days have all been during what I…

WATCH T-Rex Fishing From a Kayak

In general I am not a huge Halloween fan but when you see a big ol’ T-Rex fishing from a kayak,…

VIDEO: Landing a Personal Best Bass on Topwater
Kristie Big Fish

Kristie Hammonds has started kayak fishing recently and has been on fire! In this video you’ll find her landing a personal…

13 Fishing Omen Black Review
omen black review. EVERYMAN Kayak Fishing Blog

This week in the EVERYMAN Series I break down the Omen Black spinning rod from 13 Fishing. After a few…

Costa Reminds Anglers Plastic Kills Sea Life
costa plastic kills ocearch Kayak Fishing Blog

Costa wants to remind you that plastic kills 100 million sea birds per year. Please dispose of your plastic properly….

When Jackass Came to Kayak Fishing
jackass kayak fishing

This is going to be an old man rant. It’s not going to be politically correct and it will most…

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