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REVIEW: Lowrance HOOK-7 Fishfinder

The Lowrance HOOK-7 is on the review table today. I recently installed it on one of my kayaks and will…

REVIEW: Flambeau Waterproof Satchel and Cage

As anglers, we go through phases. For me it is usually phases of taking lots of tackle and then the…

REVIEW: NuCanoe Pursuit
NuCanoe Pursuit

With the recent buzz of the NuCanoe Pursuit, I knew I needed to get into one so I could see…

REVIEW: Mustang Survival Bluewater Dry Bags
mustang survival bluewater

Being able to keep gear dry is inherent with being a kayak angler. ¬†Kayakers know better than anyone that things…

REVIEW: Shimano Power Pliers
shimano power pliers review

Have you ever had a dull or broken hook and struggled to take it off the split ring?¬† As an…

REVIEW: PEETZ Hookum Diving Spoon

After roughly 45 years of hiding in the depths of the PEETZ vault, the Hookum Diving Spoon has returned. I…

REVIEW: Old Town Loon
Old Town Loon Review

20 years ago Old Town Canoe launched the Loon, a kayak that changed the way people thought about taking to…

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