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A Plea for Reason

by Greg Massa and Chris Payne Some may see this as trolling, but it’s not. This is an honest plea for…

Does Sexualizing Outdoor Brands Sell Product?

For many outdoor companies, even kayak companies, the question will eventually come up. “Will a scantily clad woman in one of…

When Jackass Came to Kayak Fishing
jackass kayak fishing

This is going to be an old man rant. It’s not going to be politically correct and it will most…

A (Not So) Epic Kayak Fishing Post
not so epic kayak fishing

I woke up this morning and felt like I needed to write an epic kayak fishing post. I mulled over…

Your Investment
your investment

Stock markets rise and fall. Instability is a worry for many and uncertain futures leave many questioning where to invest….

Is It Safe To Share Your Fishing Spot?
fishing spot

You’ve done the work, put in the time and verified your hypothesis. You haven’t verified a new scientific law, no,…

So You Want To Be The Next Big Thing
next big thing

Most kayak anglers who have a YouTube Channel, a blog, a TV appearance or have some photos published get asked…

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