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How Slow Should I Fish A Jig in Winter?
winter jig fishing

Jeff Little drops some awesome winter jig knowledge and how he can find good fish even with sub-40 cold water…

Camping How To for Beginners in the Outdoors
Camping in the woods

Contributed by Personal Creations Blog You’ve been looking forward to this for a while. A long weekend of camping with…

Bass Fishing Pre-Frontal Conditions in Late Fall
jhb bass fishing tips

  Contributed by John Henry Boatright Not many people enjoy bass fishing in the rain in late fall, but count…

Sponsorship from a Tackle Company’s Perspective
FREE ISNT FREE Sponsorship

You have the talent, drive, and ambition to climb to the top of the professional fishing circuit, but to get…

Feeling Froggy: Tips for Fishing Frogs

Contributed by Cody Carpenter, Wilderness Systems Pro Staff Hollow body frogs are one of my favorite techniques for summertime bass…


  At the KBF Open in Paris, TN a lot of anglers got their first look at the Kayak Kaddy…

Wilderness Systems Commander Seat Bar Reinforcement Kit

I wanted to document a step by step installation of the Seat Bar Reinforcement Kit for my Commander 140 so that others would have a guide….

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