Slump Busting Convict

August 8, 2013 Rob Choi 0

“Scoping the rocks”  Photo credit: Joe Underwood The last month and a half have been more than a little frustrating as trip after trip ended in disappointment.  Near trophy sized cobia and massive black drum came oh so close, but alas, they snubbed their noses at my offerings.  Small triggerfish […]


May 1, 2013 Chris Payne 1

If you’re a salt water angler in the mid-Atlantic region, you’ve heard about the mystique of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel “CBBT”. For the kayak angler, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Guys like Kayak Kevin and Rob Choi have made this place famous with their catches of trophy sheepshead, […]

Easter Sunday Bull Ridin’

May 5, 2012 Rob Choi 1

We waited anxiously.  More than a few phone calls exchanged theories on moon cycles, water temps, past seasons, weather windows, family commitments and of course the unforgiving work schedule.  By the time I got my stars lined up, Kayak Kevin and Jay Brooks had already clocked in a couple days […]

Spring RVA Stripers

April 10, 2012 Rob Choi 0

It definitely seems like all the local migrations are happening earlier this year.  The warm water temps are expediting the process and I, like most fishermen, am not complaining.  The magic of this time of year is more than welcome as many of the popular sport fishing species enter our […]

Addiction: Kayak Fishing (VIDEO)

January 27, 2012 Rob Choi 0

After compiling a years worth of footage from 2011, here’s a visual cornucopia of kayak fishing delights from VA. It’s not instructional, but perhaps motivational. I hope you enjoy and get pumped up for the new year.


December 16, 2011 Rob Choi 1

Yes.  This is the story about the one.  Finally. But, there’s a problem… Over the past three years, I’ve learned a lot about the kayak tautog fishery in the lower Chesapeake Bay.  I’ve put in a good amount of time, and if I had to guess, I’ve probably caught nearly […]


October 3, 2011 Rob Choi 5

  Monster Red So I was sitting there in my office, being productive, getting my work done, feeling good after the recent tournament, when I decide to give Kayak Kevin a call to wish him a happy birthday.  When he picked up I could tell he was excited about something. […]

Double Tourney Saturday

September 23, 2011 Rob Choi 0

A while back, I was asked to join the TKAA team for the Catching for Kids 20th Annual Anglers Club Challenge Tournament.  Of course, I was happy to oblige not only because I love to fish, but the money raised goes to a great cause.  Click the link for more […]

Fall patterns starting in Tidewater

September 12, 2011 FinsupVB 1

Saltwater fishing in the Tidewater area of Virginia is starting to take on its usual fall patterns. Great reports of speckle trout fishing are coming from all the major inlets in the Hampton Roads area. With the shorter day light and slowly cooling water temps its time for all the inshore […]

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