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Shimano Varsity Program Helps High School Anglers with College Funds

Along with helping young anglers learn more about fishing tackle and success on the water, the Shimano Varsity program for…

Drew Ross : Before I Owned a Kayak
Drew Ross with another nice kayak bass

Contributed by Drew Ross Before I owned a kayak, I had several bass boats.  They were great and got me…

Use Jigs to Catch More Bass

Jigs are one of the most versatile, effective and easy to use lures ever made. Jigs for More Bass Jig fishing…

 Kayak Fishing Retention Ponds

Some areas of the United States have limited or overcrowded space for anglers to fish. In fact, it’s hard for…

Green Grass and Big Bass Forever
Scott Canterbury grass bass. Kayak Fishing Blog

Words and Photos By Brad Wiegmann In a place you can only dream of, where you are always free to…

Post Spawn Bass in the Grass
Post Spawn Bass Kayak FIshing Blog

This article originally appeared in the Summer 2015 Issue of Kayak Bass Fishing Magazine. Click here to see it. Contributed…

Winter River Bass Fishing Tips

Contributed by John Henry Boatright Inevitably it happens, every year. In the words of the Starks, “Winter is coming.” You…

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