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Which RAM fish finder mount is right for you?

Which RAM fish finder mount is right for you? I think it depends on a number of factors, including where you fish and the location of your mount relative to your reach.

I purchased a Humminbird 597 fish finder from a local retailer and picked up a RAM B 107U mount with 1″ ball from Hook1. I was really surprised by the weight of the head unit, as Humminbird doesn’t list that in their specs. I weighed it, and I forget the exact number, but it was over 5 pounds!

After I finished the install on my Trident 13 I was skeptical that the 1″ ball would fully support the weight of the head unit without some slippage. I fished the U-Da-Man chinook derby on the Yaquina River and a day in the salt at about 5′ swell and was fairly surprised at how well it held, no slipping at all either day.

In the end I did upgrade and switch out to the RAM 107u with a 1.5″ ball, the heavier duty mount for a couple of reasons. The first being the piece of mind knowing that it is more secure. The 597 ci HD DI combo was a little more than I wanted to spend on a fish finder, but I got a good deal and I definitely don’t want to lose it or see it damaged from being knocked loose. The second reason was due to where I mounted the fish finder. On the OK Trident, the Sonar Shield is located just beyond the footwell making it difficult to reach the fish finder controls. I’m 6 foot tall and have pretty long arms and I just couldn’t reach it comfortably without doing the shimmy over the Rod Pod.

I thought I would need an extension like the RAM 201U-D (8.75″ socket to socket length). The RAM B 107U (w/1″ ball) comes with a 3″ (socket to socket length) double socket arm, and the RAM 107U comes with a 4.5″ (socket to socket length) double arm socket, and that 1.5″ gained on the double arm socket along with the inch I picked up from the bigger ball size was enough to let me reach the controls fairly comfortably without the extension.

In summary:

If you fish with a “300 series” fish finder you can use the light duty RAM Mount*

If you fish with a “500 series” fish finder you can use the light duty Ram Mount* if you mainly fish lakes and calm rivers.

If you fish with a “500 series” fish finder and need an extension to reach your controls, or you fish the ocean or bigger rivers you should use the heavy duty RAM Mount** to keep your equipment where you can access it and free from damage.


Tight Lines,

Ling Banger


* = RAM B 107U

** = RAM 107U


Which RAM fish finder mount is right for you?, 1.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
Reviewed by Ling Banger on 09 April 2012

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  1. LoveKayak says
    24 June 14, 6:24am

    Thank you for this review. I have yet to decide which fish finder to get for myself but at least you have help to enlighten some issues that I have previously.

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