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CSI Quatro Flashlight

This light is made by NEBO, and I have a great respect for their products. I’ve had one of their HP 190 LS laser sight/190 lumen flashlight combos on my pistol for quite a while and the quality is unsurpassed. This light is no different. The highlights -

  • Anodized aircraft aluminum body. Good luck hurting this one! It even has a castellated bezel around the lens. While this is designed for self defense, I’ve seen it cut monofilament. That’s a handy, and unexpected, feature.
  • Green LEDs. It has 5, so you can see well at night without hurting your night vision.
  • UV LEDs. It has 5 of these, too. This is an awesome feature if you you line/lures that react to UV light. For instance, I like to use glow-in-the-dark grubs at night. A few seconds of exposure to these UV LEDs and that grub glows for a loooooooong time! Great if you use a bobber that has flourescent colors and if you use monofilament that flouresces, too.
  • A laser pointer is included. This is nice for pointing out stuff to your fishing buddy without lighting up the area with white light. Fun for playing with the puppy and kitty, too! :-)
  • 75 lumens of white light is great when fish stop biting and you need light to unrig and get your stuff back in the truck at the end of the trip.
  • Flashing modes. DISCLAIMER - On the water, ANY flashing light is considered a distress signal. The CSI Quatro gives you two choices – You can flash just the green LED’s, which will get your buddy’s attention without having to yell or use the white light, thereby ruining your night vision. This is subtle enough that it shouldn’t be misconstrued as a true distress signal. However, in the event of a real emergency, you can engage the SOS mode, which will flash ALL LEDs, and the laser, in the familiar SOS …—…. pattern. How’s that for a SAFETY feature?!!

This light also comes with a magnetic base. While this may not have much utility on a kayak, it is perfect if you want the light to stick to the underside of you hood while you examine your engine, or the side of your car/truck to shine light on your kayak while you rig/unrig.

If you somehow drop this light at night, you are in luck – The tailcap, which serves as the ON/OFF discriminator and mode select button, glows in the dark!

I have bought so many flashlights over the years that I could have put 3 kids through college. I’ve owned specialized lights in UV-only for fishing, green or red only for hunting, white tactical lights using anything from 2 AAA batteries up to those taking 4 D cell batteries, not to mention head lights, lanterns and such. While no one light can do it all, this one comes awful close. With dimensions of 4.5″ x 1.5″, it’s neither too small nor too large. It runs off of 3 AAA batteries and even comes with a set! It’s waterproof and nearly indestructable. I cannot recommend it more highly.

Reviewed by GlockGuy on 25 December 2011


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  1. Kayak King says
    28 June 13, 5:12am

    What an awesome flashlight. I was recently fishing off a bridge in Boca Paila in Mexico at night and the only head torch I bought with me was so bright I kept scaring the fish. I either had to try and fish in the dark and keep fouling the trees and such or to turn it on. Every time I turned it on I’d see a huge snook or tarpon bolt off into the distance, never to return. Talk about heart breaking! I wish I’d had a green or red spectrum light that I could have used so that I could see but the fish didn’t get spooked.

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  2. 15 May 14, 12:04pm

    The same thing happened to me man on Gulfport Lake. I have tried this flashlight out and it works great.

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  3. LoveKayak says
    24 June 14, 6:32am

    I have the same flashlight and it last me for quite sometime. It is very useful and help me a lot in my fishing trips! Fully recommended to everyone.

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