5th Annual YakAttack Tournament

June 20, 2013 Chris Payne 0

The 5th Annual YakAttack Kayak Fishing Tournament could not have come at a better time. Coming up short with the ongoing mission of connecting with the huge bull reds of the Eastern Shore has left me in, well…a slump. Consistently coming home with the score of “Richie 0 – Bull Reds 6” has […]

Storage Pouches from Tackle Webs

June 17, 2013 Chris Payne 0

I’ve recently purchased two new storage pouches from Tackle Webs in the US. The quality seems top notch and they should prove ideal for the handy, yet secure, storage of regularly used items whilst afloat. For me, that’ll include such items as pliers, bait elastic, line, hooks and minor items of […]

Great fishing in western Mexico

June 12, 2013 geothlypis 2

I just came back from a fishing trip in western Mexico, in the coastal state of Sinaloa. Home to lake El Salto, Baccarac and Huites, Sinaloa is famous for its huge bass and excellent fisheries. The lake that I visited, Picachos, is new to fishing and it doesn’t disappoint. Actually, […]

Logging Time and Paying Dues

June 11, 2013 Chris Payne 1

It’s been said by the Virginia bull red veterans that you have to put in the time and pay your dues to the Eastern Shore. At first you wonder what they mean by that. Put in the time??? I would say I fish a lot… Pay your dues??? Is there some club treasurer that I need to […]

Magnolia Days

June 6, 2013 Barrett Jones 0

One of my favorite spots to fish in the past was a place many kayakers knew as Magnolia. Too many this was the marsh to fill your box with redfish before the sun was high and a very close paddle. I have been out to Magnolia so many times to […]

“Toast’s” Old-School Milkcrate

June 5, 2013 Chris Payne 0

By John “Toast” Oast While I typically use the BlackPak from YakAttack these days for gear transport on the water, I get a lot of questions about the converted milkcrate I have used for years. I still use this old crate to store gear at home and transport it, but […]

Tardy to the Drum Party

June 4, 2013 Rob Choi 0

I was actually caught off guard.  After finding the right time to ask theboss lady if I could go for big reds this weekend, she looked at me with a sharp glare… “It’s not that I don’t want you to go.  I’m just so tired of you coming home and whining like a baby about […]

GTSL90 Review

June 3, 2013 Chris Payne 1

At the 5th Annual YakAttack Kayak Fishing Tournament, I received a section of GTSL90. GT is the GearTrac made by YakAttack. The SL designates the new GearTrac made of polymer. I have no idea what sort of formulation Luther used to produce this track, but this stuff is STRONG! It’s […]

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