A Well Hung Pirate

May 20, 2013 RiverPirate 3

Get your mind out of the gutter girls! I am talking about being a “Hanger”. That is what we hammock campers call ourselves, a hanger. For me it started a few years ago on a camping/kayaking trip to Pensacola Florida. We were camping in a state park there for a […]

Shutter Happy

May 17, 2013 Rob Choi 1

  That fickle temptress, Lady Luck refused to play any role in the last several attempts to achieve my recent objective.  Big red drum have been caught by several kayakers this spring, making my failed endeavors that much more exasperating. However, some of those unsuccessful fishing days did turn out […]

Hoping and Dreaming

May 16, 2013 Chris Payne 0

Virginia’s Eastern Shore is truly something special. Not only is it one of the most beautiful places in the mid-Atlantic, it’s the spring time location for an opportunity to tangle with huge red drum…The chance for a fish of a lifetime! The weather over the last couple of weeks provided […]

Summertime Citation Smallmouth

May 10, 2013 Chris Payne 1

Ask a diehard river angler the best time of year to catch a 20 plus inch smallmouth, and they will likely talk about when the water temperature is closer to 50 degrees, not 90. Summer float trips on our local rivers typically yield an abundance of dinks. They seem to […]

Impromptu Bronzebacks

May 7, 2013 Rob Choi 0

Timing is everything.  And as of late, my struggles to get that timing right have resulted in me being stood up on my last 4 dates with Big Red.  The Eastern Shore can be so unforgiving to some, but my persistence will be rewarded… eventually. This weekend, between bleach, caulk, birthdays, […]

First Flounder on the Fly

May 6, 2013 Chris Payne 0

He may not be the biggest Flounder, but I achieved my goal to get my first one on the Fly this past Sunday from my Commander 140. I made it a goal of mine late last year to specifically target Flounder with the Fly Rod this coming year when they […]

Essential Lures for River Smallmouth Bass

May 3, 2013 Chris Payne 1

One of my Guided Kayak Fishing Class students with a nice smallmouth bass caught on a Winco’s Baby Predator Craw. When you’re chasing river smallmouth bass, you’ve got to have the right lures at your disposal. As I was developing this list, I challenged myself to come up with a […]

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