Take ‘Em for a Spin!!!

December 22, 2012 Knot Right 0

Spinner Baits   Spinner baits are among the most popular fishing lures available. They are offered in thousands of models, colors, weights, shapes, blade types and combinations. Spinner bait is versatile and readily lends itself to customization. However, most fishermen stick with one or two sizes or colors and limit […]

Selecting a Topwater!

December 22, 2012 Knot Right 0

Poppers   In the hybrid section, I will talk about a few modifications that I make to popper style lures to make them more attractive. I generally favor the walk-the-dog style plugs when fishing topwater. Poppers have specific applications that make them more useful and effective. I prefer poppers in […]

Wilderness Systems Commander Seat Bar Reinforcement Kit

December 21, 2012 Chris Payne 3

I wanted to document a step by step installation of the Seat Bar Reinforcement Kit for my Commander 140 so that others would have a guide. If you have any issues with your Commander or are a little bit bigger angler, you may want to install the kit for added reinforcement. This kit will also work with the Commander 120. For the installation you […]


December 19, 2012 Knot Right 0

BASS HANGOUTS Rivers Before I discuss rivers, I would like to apologize to the Suwannee, Shoal, Guadalupe, Spotted and Redeye bass for omitting you from this book. It was not meant as a slight to you or the anglers that give chase. The river may be a kayak bass fisherman’s […]

Keeping a Logbook

December 17, 2012 Chris Payne 0

I am often asked what tips I can offer for fishing; best lures, best rod and reel, best location, and I always start off with the same advice: keep a logbook. This may not seem like much of a tip at all, but in all reality it is in my […]

Slayer Inc. Lure Company

December 13, 2012 Chris Payne 0

I had just paddled into my first spot of the morning with my rod and reel at the ready when I spotted a wake moving towards me. I knew it was a Redfish so I picked my spot and made my cast toward him. He turned on my Slayer Inc. SST […]

Speckled Peacock Bass Winter Techniques

December 9, 2012 SimonYates 0

The Speckled Peacock Bass and Spotted Peacock Bass are thought to be different species when in fact they are both the same species. The Speckled Peacock bass comes in a variety of colour variations. Some variations are based on the size of the fish while others and just genetic. More […]

Florida Peacock Winter Fishing Techniques

December 2, 2012 SimonYates 0

Winter cools off the Florida water ways, with the exception of the very south of Florida which maintains temperatures in the 80s and 70s, and water tempertures much cooler. This is critical as many early attempts to stock fish in Florida failed because the Butterfly Peacock Bass died off in […]

Ice Fishing in Style in a Modern Ice Hut

November 25, 2012 SimonYates 0

As snow grips much or the north, we think forward to the spring and catching bass once again. For some in the far north, this can be as late as May. However, we need not wait nearly as long. Ice fishing is a great alternative to dreaming about fishing. I […]

SuperNova Fishing Lights

October 16, 2012 Chris Payne 1

The original SuperNova Fishing Light is a submersible light that uses green LEDs to attract baitfish and, in turn, larger fish. LEDs draw very little light, so you can run one of these off your fish finder battery for hours. Being green, and submerged, means you will attract baitfish without attracting […]

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