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COMING SOON: Assassinator Baits

The newest addition to the top of the line spinner bait offerings here at HOOK 1, Assassinator Baits offers some of the finest quality hand crafted wire baits available at awesome prices. From their website: Every Pro Assassinator Bait starts with the absolute Best and Highest quality components available.  Combine them with them professional craftsmanship lead by the legendary Stanley Smith, top grade paint with a diamond-hard finish and you get the finest American Made Buzzbaits and Spinnerbaits known to anglers across the country! Keep your eyes peeled for the full line of Assassinator baits coming soon!

VIDEO: How to Install a Hobie Anchor Trolley System

A Buddy of mine helped me with this video last spring. The Hobie anchor is pretty simple to install. And with a visual, the directions become easier to understand. We used a Hobie Outback as the kayak for instal. Please understand that all kayaks will have their own layout, so there will be a natural adjustment in each install. I am sure that this video will compliment the many other video’s that are out there in regards to anchor system instals. Thanks for the support Joshua “Yak Addict” Christensen

The More You Know

THE SEARCH FOR KNOWLEDGE In the popular Austin Powers series, Dr. Evil stated that his key to maintaining dominion over his evil empire by saying…..”I gotta have the innnnfoooo!” We have all heard the phrase that 90% of the fish are caught by 10% of the fishermen. I think knowledge and preparedness are the keys that separate successful anglers from those left frustrated and discouraged.  Consider that you are a hunter who stalks big fish. Taking on a hunting mentality will help you in your pursuit of bass, especially the big ones. I am an avid bow hunter and I have found that the same principles that make me...

2012 WS Ride 135 Anchor Trolley Install

Time to add an anchor trolley! I found that I NEVER remove my trolley, and I also like it a bit lower than most folks, so it doesn’t interfere with anything on deck. First, I gathered all my supplies - I decided to start at the rear of the kayak. I knew I wouldn’t be able to get to the inside of the hull here, so rivets were called for. These black ones blend with the deck loop and also have rubber on them to seal things up, but I added a dab of LEXEL anyway - Since these rivets sit pretty much flush, I decided to use a...

Installing 90 degree Flushmount Rod Holders

I didn’t used to be a fan of flush mounted rod holders. The issue was that they never seemed to point in the right direction for me, and they can be difficult to install, since they require an elongated hole. However, HOOK 1 offers a 90 degree flush mount that is perfect! While my original thought was to use these to quickly set my rod butt into once I had a fish at the boat, I realized that they would also be handy for holding stuff like tools and anchors. To begin, I enlisted the aid of Luther of YakAttack fame. As I’ve said before, I don’t know anybody...

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