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Addiction: Kayak Fishing (VIDEO)

After compiling a years worth of footage from 2011, here’s a visual cornucopia of kayak fishing delights from VA. It’s not instructional, but perhaps motivational. I hope you enjoy and get pumped up for the new year.

My New Starting Lineup

Today I received a present in the mail from a close fishing buddy. The mystery jigs are new to the scene in the long lineup of jig producing companies. Today it is hard for a company to come up with newly designed jigs, however I think in the case of jigs, why try to change a proven lure design? And at what point does the change take it away from it being a jig? First thing that I noticed is that each lure is hand made and time is taken on detail with the paint that is on the indestructible side of tough. I have been told that during...

The Frontier 12′ from NuCanoe

I recently had Frontier  demo day in Raleigh, NC and this is a quick review from Jeff at NCangler.com Nice day for test drives in shorts and bare feet. The NuCanoe Frontier 12 that Frank (Tar River Paddle Sports) brought today is a pre-production demo model. I think he’s expecting them to be in stock by late February. I was very impressed with the boat. There was a pretty brisk wind pushing across the lake and my sense was that the boat got pushed, due to high gunnels and my raised position, but didn’t seem to spin badly. It was a far better paddling boat than I expected. I tried it...

To Make or Buy

Sometimes we look at something and think “Hey I could make that”. We then dive in hands first, making as many stops as we have to to re-create that cool item. I am notorious for hands on re-creations. I’m sure that my wife appreciates it. For me the latest was creating my own bait tank / live well. Looking back over the last few days I would have never guessed that it would be such a process. I managed to create the live well for around $100 in materials, excluding the 6volt battery and gas.  You may be asking yourself the same thing that I did, how complicated could...

Locating Winter Striped Bass

In relatively open areas of the lake where the feeding persists, anglers (wanting a challenge) cast large streamers with a fly rod. After the energetic surface feeding subsides, the odd striper may strike a large white or yellow jig positioned thirty feet below the surface. Early fall freshwater stripers average five pounds; December stripers are larger at eight or nine pounds; and by late January some stripers reach over fifteen pounds. Winter striped bass fishing is a simple affair and easy to learn. Winter fishing is easier as stripers are more concerned with staying close to their baitfish rather than seeking out cover. Sonar makes this a simple tasks,...

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