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Fishing all year round now.

I grew up fishing from late April, until September. September squirrel season would come in and from then until mid April I was in the woods stalking whitetail thru Archery, Shotgun, muzzleloader, and back into Archery. Thru the fall and winter I would also hunt rabbit, quail, and trap fox, coyote, raccoon, and muskrats then onto turkey hunting in the spring. So I only really fished from May until September. When moved to Tennessee, my traps were long gone, my bow hangs in the garage, and guns are all put away besides the pistols which we regularly take to the range. Winter time fishing is tough, but man does...

Kayak Stand Build

Now that we have moved we have a lot more room to store gear, and I wanted to put some of my kayaks on stands instead of hanging them all due to not having the workshop completed. These stands will keep my kayaks off the floor, and at a height that I can comfortably work on them while standing up. I wanted to make a stand that would be easy to store when not being used, wanted a material that would stand up over time, and weather. I decided to go with 1 ¼” PVC being fairly rugged and not weighing much. In order for the stands to not...

Spotted Bass Winter Techniques

As winter hits the central and southern states, the spotted bass are hard to find and catch. Most anglers that appeal to their instinct to feed often come home empty. Like all bass, spotted bass head deep in winter months and are hard to spot with out a depth finder. Spotted Bass can still be aggressive but as not as hungry as they are not very active. Your best approach during these months where the water temperature is below 50F (10C) degrees is to appeal to the bass’s instinct for survival and to protect its territory. Use spoons and blades that make noise and cause a distraction. Casting so...

C-Tug Cart Review

When I go to buy equipment I do a lot of research, because I want the best there is. I don’t want equipment failures due to cheap products manufacturing defects, or impurities that could result in injuries to me, someone else, or any equipment. I was in the market for a cart and kept eyeballing the C-Tug Cart. It looked to be the perfect cart due to its ability to transform to almost any hull with pivoting pads for your special craft to rest on. I was in need of a cart because there are many places that I fish that I’m unable to drive to, and must carry...

Addiction: Kayak Fishing (VIDEO)

After compiling a years worth of footage from 2011, here’s a visual cornucopia of kayak fishing delights from VA. It’s not instructional, but perhaps motivational. I hope you enjoy and get pumped up for the new year.

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