Feeling Let Down for Winter Smallmouth

November 7, 2014 Chris Payne 0

Contributed by Jeff Little     By “let down”, I’m not referring to something disappointing. It’s the opposite. It’s a tactic I use with suspending jerkbaits from November through March to catch big river smallmouth in current. Here’s how it works. Suspending jerkbaits are the right tool for the job […]

Why Kayak? Why Not!

November 7, 2014 Chris Payne 0

Contributed by Ron Champion        I think back to when I was a young boy, wading creeks and walking the banks of a lake and thinking, if I could just get out there, I know I could catch one in that spot, right there by that tree or […]

Getting Bigger

November 5, 2014 Gary Robinson 0

After the fun I had on Monday evening I decided to try and get back out there for another go. I figured that high water might be a better option on this mark and there was only one way to find out. The van was loaded up and once again […]

So You Wanna Make Kayak Fishing Videos

November 4, 2014 Chris Payne 2

Contributed by Dustin Schouest   In this day and age, everyone has a camera. Be it on their phone, around their neck, on their head, there isn’t a person out there who isn’t snapping pictures or video. If you want proof, spend twenty minutes on YouTube. Even in kayak fishing, […]

Winter Fishing: What to Expect

November 4, 2014 Chris Payne 0

Contributed by Doug Gibson   When winter arrives and brings the cold and snowy weather, there is no reason to stop fishing the rivers until spring arrives. The kayak still floats and the smallmouth are biting; you just have to have the proper mindset to face the tougher conditions. Here […]

If You’re Not Fishing a Jig…

November 3, 2014 Chris Payne 0

Contributed by Cameron Simot   Some guys love it, some guys hate it. The skirted bass jig. My love hate relationship with the jig began this spring, when I was urged by a fellow fisherman to “give it a chance”. So Here I am online, searching through tons of styles, […]

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