Sorting Your Way Through the Lure Rainbow

October 31, 2014 Chris Payne 0

Contributed by John Wayne Peacock Just take a walk down any aisle of any tackle shop and you will quickly realize that the color combinations are endless. But the age old questions remain. What color is best? What colors can fish see? Does it make a huge difference? I am going to give […]

Make a Hawg Trough Float

October 30, 2014 Chris Payne 0

Contributed by Aaron Stiger     In this video, CREW member Aaron Stiger demonstrates how to take your HOOK1 Hawg Trough and make it float.  Going into the winter months, you simply cannot afford to reach your arm down into the water after a sinking bump board.  This video shows […]

Wade a Minute

October 30, 2014 Chris Payne 0

Contributed by Chris Funk   When you are riding current in a river there are times the movement is too fast to fish a hole effectively. The bad part of this is that you will spook every critter in it if float through the hole. One of the best solutions […]

The 10 Commandments of Kayak Fishing

October 29, 2014 Chris Payne 0

My thoughts on 10 Rules that would help make kayak fishing better. This isn’t an end all be all list but some things that if we kept in mind, could help grow our sport. 1. Learn to Paddle a Kayak- Sometimes staying on a spot is very important and nature […]

Positive Impact of Kayak Fishing on Stress

October 19, 2014 Chris Payne 0

Contributed by reader Jennifer Barnes   Positive Impact of Exercise and Outdoor Recreation on Stress Although many of us put up with stress, this can take its toll on you and adversely affect your health. Indeed, according to Dr Weil close to a half of adults suffer from problems related to […]

The Magic of Topwater Fishing

October 6, 2014 Chris Payne 0

Written by Dustin Schouest I had heard about it many times. In magazines, in videos on Youtube, on tv shows. It always intimidated me, and I was worried I would never have any kind of success with it. But, once I got over the fear, it had become one of […]

Fall is Here!

September 15, 2014 Chris Payne 0

by Dustin Schouest Fall is here! The outside air has that crispness of the first good cold front of the year. The trout had been reported finally biting after a drought of good meat hauls. And of course, it had to be on the first weekend I could get out […]

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 140 Review

March 27, 2014 Gary Robinson 2

Along with the Wilderness Systems Ride 115X, I have also been having a look at the Wilderness Systems Tarpon 140. Where the Ride 115X is the perfect boat for the smaller inland waterways that Ireland has in abundance, the Tarpon 140 is better suited to more open waters. A longer, […]

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