Winter fishing is a drag

November 21, 2013 Chris Payne 1

I’ve been winter fishing for years and have learned many lessons through trial and error that have help me progress in my pursuit of river smallmouth bass. One important lesson came many years ago when I was a relative newbie in the winter fishing game. My buddy and I were […]

A Legend of the Flats

November 19, 2013 Chris Payne 0

  As you travel from the early years to the modern day, you can recall certain individuals that helped you down the path of your angling journey. I guess you could say “mentor” or “teacher” but however you want to label it, we all know somebody that fits that title. In the beginning […]

Hues and Saturation

November 14, 2013 Rob Choi 0

I was on the water from sun up to sun down, hoping every moment in between that my quest for VA Saltwater Expert Angler status would come to an end with one last specie citation.  King Neptune graced me with a myriad of other species, but my trophy tautog still […]

Review – Daiwa Exceler-X 3000 FS reel

November 13, 2013 Chris Payne 1

I purchased a pair of these reels in October 2012 in anticipation of fishing the Hobie Worlds in Texas the following month. I wanted a mid-sized fixed spool reel that was capable of handing the Largemouth Bass that I was hoping to encounter during the competition as well as being […]

A “Different” Feeling

November 7, 2013 Chris Payne 0

Sometimes it’s impossible to explain…the random thoughts about “the next cast” that wake you up in the middle of the night, the severe anticipation about the early morning’s events that distract you from everything else, the different “pep in your step” as you load the kayak and gear like it’s your first time […]

Chasing the Slots

November 6, 2013 Joe Underwood 0

These last couple of weeks have been so busy with me personally. My wife and I moved into our new home in Williamsburg and getting on the water just wasn’t going to happen anytime soon. Well, things started to settle down here in the new Underwood household so my fishing adventures continue… […]

Recent Critters

November 5, 2013 Rob Choi 0

After hearing from a friend that near trophy sized spot were being caught atRudee, I made the 2 hour trip down to Virginia Beach.  I found decent numbers on the incoming tide, with the biggest going 10.5″.   They were all short of the 13″ or 1pound citation requirement.  Also included in the mix were pinfish, […]

In Good Company

October 15, 2013 Rob Choi 1

So yeah, I’ve been slacking on putting up a new post… my apologies.  The downward spiral was hard to pull out of until recently.  I’ve put in 5 trips for cobia this year, all with chum, eels, etc.  I’ve seen more cobia from my kayak this year than any previous […]

Practice Makes Not-So Perfect

October 14, 2013 Chris Payne 0

Most people that know me can say that I have had one thing on my mind recently, and that was the annual TKAA tournament. To be honest, I felt more pressure this year than last. Taking 1st place in the Slam division the year prior not only put added pressure on myself, […]

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