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New On the KFBLOG

Sunscreen In The Winter

With winter upon us please remember, your face needs some help too. This mistake from last year left a scar on my nose. I won’t be repeating it. It was chilly that morning, at least for Texas in October. Temperatures had just topped 40 degrees and the North wind was whipping at 15-20 mph. I had gloves on, a cold weather hat, three layers, wool socks and my bibs. I was determined to shoot some test footage with the two cameras I had in tow and wanted to get some time on the water and in my haste had hurried. As I unloaded the boat I went down my...

VIDEO: Choosing the Correct Paddle Length

John “Toast” Oast from Fishyaker.com and the HOOK 1 Crew gives an overview of important concepts to consider when choosing a paddle for kayak fishing, especially on a sit-on-top kayak.  

Cork Prep

Contributed by Michael Guyer   Quality fishing gear is not inexpensive. However, with just a little preparation, we can not only get more out of our gear, but also ensure that it will last longer. For me, one of those little preparation tips is to preserve my cork handles. Applying a furniture cleaner/polish will accomplish three things for me – 1. It will preserve the cork so that it will last longer. 2. It will give the cork a bit of tack, so that wet hands have a better grip. 3. It will darken the cork some, so that it will not show the dirt as well. Step 1...

Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Contributed by Geoff Luckett, Tennessee Kayak Anglers HOOK1 Kayak fishing team The kayak angling community in Tennessee is strong and growing by leaps and bounds. We are lucky in that we have HOOK1 and Jackson Kayak based in our home state. However, recently we discovered that we have something even stronger for the growth of the sport. We have leadership at the kayak fishing club level that is willing to work with others to progress the sport. This past month the leaders from all the major kayak fishing clubs (and we have 6) meet in an attempt to work out the specifics to come together for a common cause:...

NEW That’s Knot Right: Shooter

In the newly released episode of That’s Knot Right, It’s a crazy day for Chad as he’s invited to be a guest on the popular podcast “Talking Lead” and hits the gun range with 22Plinkster. Watch FREE ONLINE on CarbonTV NOW