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  1. Hello, I just wanted to reach out to your company and blog about new product that is available to kayak fishermen. Its a product that my dad developed and produced. It is called the Torpedo. We recently launched our website for the product. Please check us and and pass on the cool new product to your customers and friends. Here is the website,

  2. Hey just want to thank you for the great articles you post on this site. I have seen your name all over the kayak fishing related sites. You are a very popular person in the kayak world. Thank you sir. Tight Lines.

  3. I noticed on twitter that Chris Payne is looking for a way to lock his kayak down. The guys at Diablo Paddlesports suggested Kanulocks. If you are not aware, Kanulocks are by far the best tie down straps on the market that have the awesome added benefit of being lockable. The cam has a keyed lock and there are 2 steel wires that run through the length of the straps effectively preventing theft. If you are interested in a set please give me a call! I would love to have you try some out and see what you think! (714) 740-LOCK (5625) x4

    Doug Evans
    North American Sales Director
    Kanulock USA

  4. Can you send me more infroemation on the commander seat bar reinforcement kit. The article lost the links to the pictures and the site referenced in the comments section does sell it anymore. I have some buckling at the seat bar mounting bolts and want an idea on how to reinforce before it becomes a fatal flaw


  5. Hello, I would be interested in writing and linking some articles for your blog. I have a fishing and spinning reel review site that has a large following. I think would be able to provide some good content for your readers. Please let me know if you are interested.

  6. I’m new to kayaking and want to buy a vibe sea ghost 130 kayak, I found them on
    ebay and amazon before Christmas. I’m ready to place a order but I cant find the vibe
    130 kayak for sale ebay or amazon, are they still in business?

  7. Chris Payne,
    Thank you for adding our Waterhog to your list of under $1000 yaks. We have gotten some good website traffic. Our MSRP is $899 not $999. Could you correct this on blog?

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