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VIDEO: Big Bass and Big Lessons in River Safety
big-lessons- river-safety

Fall in northeast is my favorite time to kayak fish.  My top 5 days have all been during what I…

Lights Provide Safety While Night Fishing
lights at night safety kayak fishing blog

Contributed by Joe Haubenreich About 1.5 million vehicles collide with deer each year. 1 in every 169 of you reading…

The Educated River Kayak Angler’s Edge
ACA River Kayak Angler Classes

Contributed by Jeff Little of Tightline Junkie Journal The Juniata River in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania was on the rise. Smallmouth moved…

Picking a PFD
picking a pfd

You have the kayak but now you need a life jacket (Personal Flotation Device,PFD). What should you look at? What…

Dangerous Cold Water Submersion
cold water

Cold water can end a life all too quickly. My son almost became a victim last week.I needed some time…

The Safety List Every Kayaker Should Start With

“What do I have to have to be safe on the water?” The canned answer for most places is a…

No More Excuses on PFDs
Screenshot (2)

    Contributed by Crystal Keill People are drowning. At Sea. In Lakes. In Rivers. In Texas Floods. Lots of…

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