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REVIEW: NuCanoe Pursuit
NuCanoe Pursuit

With the recent buzz of the NuCanoe Pursuit, I knew I needed to get into one so I could see…

REVIEW: Old Town Loon
Old Town Loon Review

20 years ago Old Town Canoe launched the Loon, a kayak that changed the way people thought about taking to…

Review: Perception Pescador Pro
Review Perception Pescador Pro

Pictures and Perception Pescador Pro Review written by Gary Elliott Facilitator of Finally, after a long warm up here…

REVIEW: Ascend H12 Kayak
Ascend H12 Bass Pro Kayak Review Kayak Fishing Blog

The Ascend H12 is one of the newer offerings from Bass Pro’s Ascend line of kayaks. It has caught the…

Which One is Better? Pescador Pro 12.0 or Catch 120
Pescador Pro 12.0 vs Catch 120

Kayak manufacturers realize the rocketing rise of kayak sales and are expanding lines with improvement and innovation. Sometimes it’s retooling…

2016 Vibe Sea Ghost 130 Full Review
Vibe Sea Ghost 130 Review

The newest offering from Vibe Kayaks is the 2016 model of the Vibe Sea Ghost 130. The Sea Ghost is…

Thoughts on the Vibe Sea Ghost 130
Vibe Sea Ghost 130

The Vibe Sea Ghost 130 is your standard sit on top kayak design. It has a package price point of $799…

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