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A Plea for Reason

by Greg Massa and Chris Payne Some may see this as trolling, but it’s not. This is an honest plea for…

Fishing Reel Rankings for 2016

Spending time at outdoor shows, tackle shops, and making a few too many purchases has allowed me to play with…

Does Sexualizing Outdoor Brands Sell Product?

For many outdoor companies, even kayak companies, the question will eventually come up. “Will a scantily clad woman in one of…

Kayak Trends Moving Toward Performance More Than Features?
NuCanoe Pursuit Deck Layout

Is the market trend for seasoned paddlers moving toward performance over features? That question was really at the forefront of…

What Does Stability in Kayaks Really Mean? 

Stability in kayaks is one of the most sought after qualities when asking potential buyers for their wants list. Often…

Big Kayak Myths for First Time Buyers
kayak myths kayak fishing blog

The kayak fishing market is continuing to explode and new kayak anglers are purchasing kayaks every single day by the…

When Jackass Came to Kayak Fishing
jackass kayak fishing

This is going to be an old man rant. It’s not going to be politically correct and it will most…

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