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Want to Make a Good Investment? Go Fishing with Your Kids
kids fishing

Investing in stocks, bonds, and shares promises a return of greater financial security, a better lifestyle, more luxury… Yet, investing…

How to Catch Cold Water Smallmouth
cold water smallmouth

Words and Photos by Blace Hutchens Winter is setting in, and your local river has become frigid. Are you planning…

VIDEO: What Knot to Use and How to Tie
knot tying video

  Arbor  I use this knot to connect backing to my fly reels and mono, fluoro and braid to the…

Use Jigs to Catch More Bass

Jigs are one of the most versatile, effective and easy to use lures ever made. Jigs for More Bass Jig fishing…

Fast Tracking Lure Confidence
lure confidence jay randall

Have you ever wondered what the quickest way to gain confidence in a new lure? Lure Confidence Article Contributed by…

Three Things Every Fisherman Should Know

After a long, hard week on the job, there’s nothing like a good day of fishing. However, before casting your…

Do’s and Don’ts at Boat Ramps for Kayakers
do's and don't at boat ramps. Kayak Fishing Blog

Not all kayakers use boat ramps to launch but if you do there are unspoken rules you should know about….

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