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Lessard Wins Crown at Hobie Fishing Worlds
hobie fishing HFW6

Oceanside, California – December 11, 2016 – After yielding fish, fun and friendships over a few cold ones combined with…

An Adventure with My Son
An Adventure With My Son

Contributed by Chris Ritchie A few days ago, I got it in my mind that I HAD to go buy…

VIDEO: Landing a Double Digit Bass from a Kayak
Stevie Double Digit Bass

I don’t often fish tournaments but when I do, I like to watch my teammates land double digit bass from…

2015 Hobie Fishing Worlds Report
Hobie Worlds 5

  Oceanside, California – December 7, 2015 – After yielding fish, fun and friendships with a few cold ones and…

The Marsh Monster Beat Me

Some days the marsh can be an absolute monster. Travis Billings had one of those days last week. Here is…

Roaming the Marsh
roaming the marsh

For Crystal and Tony Keill fishing is much more than setting the hook. Although that’s the goal, I enjoy many things that…

GEOBASS: Rematch in Papua New Guinea

Daytona Beach, Fla. – July 17, 2015 – After coming up short in their quest to land the epic black bass in Papua…

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