Most Popular Fishing Kayaks Under $1000

I get a lot of requests for good fishing kayaks under $1000 . Not everyone wants to sink a few K into what is usually a new to them hobby. And not everyone wants to buy used. There’s just something about a brand new plastic boat that makes me smile. I recently ran a poll and let people list their favorite kayaks under $1000. Once I weeded through the kayaks that were over $1000 (using MSRP and current availability) I was left with 19 kayaks that I’ve both heard of and don’t think they’ll lead you to a swearing fit the first time out.

I am listing these in a couple of categories, Made in the USA and Foreign Made. I’ll be including a picture, the name, price, width, length, weight, and weight capacity of each. (Not all weight capacities are measured the same but are a decent indicator of load ability as listed)These prices and specs are from major retailers or the company themselves and do not reflect clearance pricing, special deals, or other discounts. Without further ado, 19 of the most popular fishing kayaks under $1000 .

MADE IN THE USA Kayaks Under $1000

Ascend 128T with Yak Power $849

kayaks under $1000 ascend 128t

Length: 12’8″  Width: 33″  Weight: 96lb  Weight Cap: 350lb (NMMA)


Ascend 12T $649

kayaks under $1000 ascend 12t

Length: 12’0″  Width: 31″  Weight: 77lb  Weight Cap: 350lb (NMMA)


Ascend H12 $699

kayaks under $1000 ascend h12

Length: 12’0″  Width: 32″  Weight: 76lb  Weight Cap: 450lb (NMMA)


Diablo Amigo $999

kayaks under $1000 diablo amigo

Length: 12’8″  Width: 38″  Weight: 75lb  Weight Cap: 600lb


Jackson Cruise 10 $899

kayaks under $1000 jackson cruise 10

Length: 10’3″  Width: 32.5”  Weight: 53lb  Weight Cap: 300lb


Jackson Cruise 12 $999

kayaks under $1000 jackson cruise 12

Length: 12’3″  Width: 31.5”  Weight: 63lb  Weight Cap: 375lb


Native Ultimate 12 Basic $949

kayaks under $1000 native u12

Length: 12’1″  Width: 30”  Weight: 55lb  Weight Cap: 350lb


Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 $899

kayaks under $1000 ok prowler 13

Length: 13’4″  Width: 28”  Weight: 56lb  Weight Cap: 325lb


Perception Pescador Pro 12.0 $829

kayaks under $1000 pescador pro 12.0

Length: 12’0″  Width: 32.5”  Weight: 64lb  Weight Cap: 375lb


Perception Striker 11.5 $599

kayaks under $1000 perception striker 11.5

Length: 11’6″  Width: 33”  Weight: 65lb  Weight Cap: 500lb


Wilderness Systems Ride 115 $909

kayaks under $1000 ride 115

Length: 11’6″  Width: 33”  Weight: 76lb  Weight Cap: 500lb


Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 $939

kayaks under $1000 tarpon 120

Length: 12’3″  Width: 30”  Weight: 63lb  Weight Cap: 350lb


FOREIGN MADE Kayaks Under $1000

Eddy-Gear Stingray XL $849

kayaks under $1000 eddy gear stingray xl

Length: 13’4″  Width: 31.5”  Weight: 69lb  Weight Cap: 670lb


Feel Free Lure 10 $999

kayaks under $1000 feel free lure 10

Length: 10’0″  Width: 36”  Weight: 69lb  Weight Cap: 375lb


Field and Stream Shadow Caster $799

kayaks under $1000 field and stream shadow caster

Length: 12’3″  Width: 35”  Weight: 95lb  Weight Cap: 450lb


Pelican Catch 120 $749

kayaks under $1000 pelican catch 120

Length: 11’8″  Width: 34”  Weight: 69lb  Weight Cap: 400lb


RipTide Kayaks A13 Waterhog $999

kayaks under $1000 riptide a13

Length: 13’0″  Width: 34”  Weight: 70lb  Weight Cap: 460lb


Vibe Sea Ghost 110 $829

kayaks under $1000 vibe seaghost 110

Length: 11’0″  Width: 33”  Weight: 62lb  Weight Cap: 425lb


Vibe Sea Ghost 130 $899

kayaks under $1000 vibe seaghost 130

Length: 13’0″  Width: 33”  Weight: 74lb  Weight Cap: 550lb



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