Wilderness System’s Phase 3 Air Pro Elevated Seat

If your looking for comfort and an easy way to stand in your Ride 115 or Ride 135 you have to look at this new seat from Wilderness Systems. The thing I like best about this seat is that while setting I can fish with my knees bent. Yes its easier to stand but being able to sit with my knees bent has stood out the most. I have grown to like the integrated trays on the side and back. The ones on the sides are perfect for my worm weights and hooks while the deeper larger holes in the back are perfect for plastics bags. I keep two or three plastic bags in different colors for easy access. I also like the straps on the new seat to make adjustments to the back and leg support.

The first couple of times out in the elevated seat you do feel a little tipsy. Now after fishing in it several times I feel just as stable as I do with the lower seat. Here’s a video review I’ve put together. I hope it helps you out.


Bobby is a native of the Mississippi Delta and a graduate of MS State University. He now resides in Texas. He grew up fishing ponds/lakes in the Delta; he caught his first bass when he was 5 years old and never looked back. One of his most memorable fishing experience’s is catching a 6lb. bass when he was only six. Bobby has proudly served in the MS Army National Guard and US Army Reserve.

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