Windy Blues

I was able to get out for a few hours this past Saturday. I knew it was going to be a challenge with the wind but I did not want to waste an opportunity to get out. With the tide being super low I was pretty sure I would have a hard time locating many Redfish, so I moved to plan B. I decided to target Bluefish which have been so thick in the area right now that I have been catching them every trip. I wanted to work a nice channel between two oyster bars, but I knew I would have to deal with the wind. This is where the flexibility of my Commander becomes an advantage. I normally sit on the captain’s perch but I moved down to my Airpro seat to get out of the wind. This helped me have a lower profile by sitting closer to the water and it would also make an easier paddle on the way back. I also used my stake out pole to help set up on the edge of the drop off and keep me in place. Then it was on, I was catching Blues and Ladyfish left and right on both of my rods. I ended up getting 3 really nice Blues and had a hell of a good time keeping my lures away from the ladyfish. It turned out to be a fun and rewarding trip by making the best out of a windy day.

Scott (TideCaster)


One thought on “Windy Blues

  1. Hey Scott,

    Where are you fishing? I am trying to get my hands on a new kayak in the next week or so, and I will need some new fishing spots. I am new to the Virginia Beach and wouldnt mind hooking up with a few good people to fish with.


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