Pic-A-Lure Chart Review

I was recently introduced to a lure selection chart called the “Pic-A-Lure”. It’s a pretty neat little chart that is made from waterproof paper and it can be easily folded up into your pocket or tackle box. I have always been a fan of the charts you could pick up that contained local species when fishing new areas, but I never knew that such a thing existed for lures. The chart contains lots of information such as what type and color of lure to use depending on the season, water clarity, and weather. After receiving mine I let a friend read over it. He has only been fishing a few months and I noticed that after reading it he started to put more thought into what lure he was using. I also put it to the test by comparing it with some knowledge that I already knew and it matched up well.  I never knew such a tool existed until I was introduced to it; so I just wanted to share and let everyone else know.

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