Largemouth Bass Night Feeding

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Largemouth bass feed at all hours, but most often in the early morning or late in the day. Studies have shown that if there is a lot of noise from human activity during the day, especially from a lot of boat activity and swimmers, there is a greater feeding of the Florida Largemouth Bass at night.

However, this is most common in smaller lakes and rivers where the bass do not have anywhere else to migrate. Largemouth BassĀ feed in low light conditions as they do not like direct sunlight. They have trouble differentiating between lureĀ colours in low light or night fishing, but colour can play a role during the day in clear waters. Experimental studies suggest that when in an aggressive state, bass prefer green and blue colours but are repelled by gold and yellow.

Like all bass, the Florida Largemouth Bass strike with force and a large lunker will snap a line if the drag is not set properly.

If you like a good challenge, and eight to 12-pound test line is a good choice with a moderate to loose drag.

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  1. Nice article man, i was just doing some early season night fishing in NJ and we landed a few good ones on an old classic lure, the Jitterbug. What are your favorite lures for night fishing? I find it a bit frustrating that you can’t really see what your casting at, but other than that, i enjoy being out on the water at night when everything else is really quiet

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