Bass Fishing Vibrating Lures and Popping Plugs

Vibrating Lures

The line between vibrating lures and other jigs can be difficult. However, their vibrations are enough to consider hem for a separate sub category. They are made with plastic and are often slab shaped. They are designed for trolling, casting or even used to deep diving by allowing them to sink.

They don’t have much swimming action. The only way to make them move is through the angler’s twitching on their rod tip. Tight movements will emit high-frequency sonic waves similar to those in stunned baitfish, which easily captures the fish’s attention.

Popping Plugs

Poppers are excellent lures, but take some experience to get the result that seasoned anglers get. This is one of those lures that does what it’s name implies: it makes a popping sound. For night bass fishing, we recommend the black popper.

At rest, the popper will float. Make sure to float the popper between pops. Once the water ripples have died away, pop and then wait again, repeat until you have a strike.

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