I’ve been looking a long time for a kayak that will be super sight cast friendly.  I do alot of sight casting on the central Texas coast for red fish, sheep head and drum.  Until this point i have had to try to stand in a tippy kayak, and make the best of it or get out and wade.  The problem with trying to stand in a regular sit-on-top yak is the rocking and coming close to falling out landing on unforgiving sharp oyster reefs! Not  a good set up! I needed stability and ease of standing.  My pro angler was great to stand in but the mirage drive system and the weight of the PA was some trouble on the flats… if i chased reds way in the back of a flat in the PA where the grass was thick, I would have a tough time trying to push that barge the 100 yards back out off the flat to a ditch where i could deploy my peddle drive system again.  I kinda gave up on the whole PA on the flats thing and just used it for lakes and offshore.  I knew the answer would have to be found in a regular paddle style yak that was just wide!  The NATIVE WATERCRAFT VERSA BOARD just may fit the bill… its kind of a cross between a stand up paddle board and a traditional sot kayak.  Check out the video… I take the versa board on a spin and see what it will do!
ty (host/producer fish’n TV)



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  1. The Versa Board is a great sit-on-top kayak and stand on top paddle board. It is easy to use and great for all levels of paddlers. It is both quick and maneuverable and isn’t too heavy to carry. The versatility of the craft means that it can be set up for any activity you could ever want to do. I bought mine from and have used it nearly every day since.

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