YakAttack does it again!!



I have been at this kayak fishing thing for a little while now. In that time, I’ve seen some new products come and go. Others that barely hold their head above water, but the products that YakAttack has been putting out are incredible. From the original VISIPole to the new mounting accessories everything is completely thought out.

The thing I have really been excited about most recently is the Mighty Mount system. With this you can mount anything to your track system on your kayak. Wait, your kayak doesn’t have a track for mounting accessories? No worries, you need the new GearTrac. Mount this on your kayak and now you are in business. 

Did I mention the PANFish and PANFish Portrait for anglers to take pictures?  This is a articulating arm you can mount your camera or GoPro for taking pics/videos of your day on the water!  YakAttack has really shined in my opinion in making innovative useful safety and rigging products for the kayak angler. All of these and more can be found on the HOOK1 online store.

Click here for full YakAttack Product Line!

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