Monday Feature: Dry Flex PDA Kit

Monday’s suck. You know that, we know that… so here at Kayak Fishing Blog, we want to HOOK1 you up every Monday with a special offer on a featured product.

This week’s Featured product is the Dry Flex PDA Kit:

This small investment protects your expensive cell phone or PDA for you while your on the water. You may think… “I don’t want to take my phone fishing with me” and I would have to agree, but having a cell phone on you (it can be turned off) is a very good first line of defense in case of an emergency. As well all know a wet cell phone is basically just a paper weight. These cases will keep your phone safe for when you get back to real life, or if you ever need it in an emergency situation!

From the Manufacturer:

With over 40 years of experience in radio-frequency sealed technology, our Dry Flex Case for Cell Phones or Pagers maintains the quality you would expect from an industry leader. With our reliable roll down closure your electronic device will stay dry while remaining fully functional from within the watertight clear urethane panel. So go ahead, bring it with you. Device remains fully functional from within the case. Urethane coated nylon fabric welded to clear urethane internal panels provide light, compact, and reliable protection. Dual-density foam protects your device from impact and floats in water. Molded clip allows attachment to boat or PFD. Will fit devices up to 4″ x 2 ½” x ¾” (10cm x 6.25cm x 1.88 cm)

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