FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Diablo Paddlesports Adios

So I’ve been on the market for a new ride for a while, partially because I had some very specific requests and it’s taken me a while to find a boat that met those requirements (not to mention finding the cash to pay for it).

The main requirement, was that I needed something with enough primary stability for a dog to ride along. In calm conditions, I can stand and fish out of alot of kayaks including my 28″ wide T-140, I needed something more than that. Self bailing was not a strict requirement, but a major plus as well. I also didn’t want to give up much tracking, spending the last year and a half in a T-140 spoiled me and I knew that if I had a boat that spun like a top, I wouldn’t take it out very often.

A SUP-Yak, namely the Diablo Adios, was at the top of my initial list. The more research I did, the more sure I was that was going to be the boat that fit my needs. Unfortunately, there are not many dealers in my area that provide demos. So I had to make my purchase on faith that it would be the right match for me.

Well the moment of truth came this morning, and to make a long story short… I couldn’t be happier with my choice.

Here’s a short, crappy video of my first trip out:

Now I didn’t get much of a chance to fish today, and as you saw in the video I didn’t use a seat. I’ll make another report and video commenting on the fishability, comfort and performance the next time I go out.

First impressions:

  • Super super stable. As you saw in the video,I was able to comfortably stand in a lake with 10-15 mph winds, and a dog running around the deck. The stability trumps the competitors SUP-yak. As far as comparing it to other stand-intensive boats…I really can’t say. I’ve never really found a standing condition I wasn’t comfortable in with the JK Coosa, Hobie Outback, WS Commander and Native Ultimate. All I can say is this thing is more than stable enough for my needs and is comfortable for both me and the dog.
  • Fast enough. You’re not going to win any races in an Adios, but I didn’t break a sweat on a half mile paddle back against a 10-15mph wind with no seat. My next trip, I’ll have the seat in and be able to give it a much better performance rating from a paddling and comfort position.
  • Easy to load. I’m 6′ #160 soaking wet, not exactly a big dude. But the 69#s of the Adios is not hard to throw around. It took my a while to figure out how to car-top two boats on my Jeep. Even on the day I sold it, I could not for the life of me load my Redfish 12 on top of my Jeep if the Tarpon was on there first. Not an issue with the Adios. The handle position and the huge area that the weight is spread around make loading relatively easy… If anyone want’s I can post a video.

Thanks for reading guys, keep an eye out for that second report!



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