COMING SOON: Evolve Baits

It seems that every year a new comer to the tackle market that makes you take a step back and say “WOW!”

When Evolve Baits reached out to us about carrying their line of baits, we jumped at the opportunity.  While I personally still haven’t got a chance to see these beauties in person, when Chad received his first couple he dropped whatever he was doing (in the middle of the day mind you) and called me to tell how awesome they are.

Considering how busy Chad is and how many awesome bass fishing lures he’s seen over the years… that’s saying something!

At the moment, Evolve has three hard bodied top water lures.  Two of which are frog imitations, the other a “walk-the-dog” style bait

Check out this video of the Pulse and Species Frog, and keep an eye out for the entire line of Evolve Baits coming to HOOK 1 soon!


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