No Drill Anchor Trolley – Commander, Ride and Tarpon

I get requests for this all the time, so I figured that I would recreate this topic here and add a few more pics than the original. These photos are from Wilderness Systems kayaks, but this system works well on most of the designs on the market today.

You start by creating two loops with the pulleys. This can be done by sewing the line or using hog (cage) rings.

I prefer to sew the loop. Install a piece of heat shrink before sewing to cover the stitches.


Loop the line over the pulley.

Pull tight. (Note: Make sure that the loop is over the line leading to the pulley as shown to prevent twisting)


Remove the rear bungee and move the line to the inner hole on the deck fitting.

Repeat the process for the loop and install on the rear fitting.


Route the anchor trolley line through both pulleys and secure to ring with a knot or by sewing the line and covering with heat shrink. You can also use pig (cage) rings as well. Below are two options, notice in both photos that the line is passed through the ring.

This provides friction and eliminates the need for a jam cleat to hold the trolley in place while also pulling the trolley system away from the boat while at anchor.

COMMANDER 120 – Here is my anchor trolley for the Commander 120

For the anchor trolley on the Commander 120, I do pretty much the same thing, but I add the loops to the existing fittings and then run the line the same as above.

Front pulley attachment


Rear pulley attachment

Ring Setup


It is more critical on the Commander to run the line through the ring, so that the trolley can get past the slides on the side of the boat.


You may have noticed in the photos that I have some other accessories in my SlideTrax system. Almost anything can be fitted to work with the SlideTrax, in these two instances I just slightly drilled out the attachment holes and used the standard SlideTrax hardware.
The jam cleat is for the anchor system to set up a quick release and the RAM ball is for putting the camera there to take self portraits with fish!


Here is a video of how this installations is done. KAYAK BASSIN – ANCHOR TROLLEY INSTALLATION

I hope this helps. Post your comments, questions or suggestions.




2 thoughts on “No Drill Anchor Trolley – Commander, Ride and Tarpon

  1. Such a useful accessory thanks so much for showing how easy it is to set up an anchor trolley. I’m going to set this up on my Wilderness 125 Tsunami sit inside kayak. I am currently using a
    3 lb mini hand barbel as my anchor. I am switching over to a kettle bell type weight instead of the barbel. I will also be making a drag chain for the river.

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